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Argent Risk Group celebrates 70 years of United Nations Peace keeping efforts in countries throughout the planet.


Argent provides expertise in the field of security risk assessment and management. We pride ourselves on utilizing either former law enforcement or former military personnel from respected backgrounds.

 In the Middle East, such skills are also required and with the current sensitive situation in Iraq owing to political uncertainty. Such requirements for private military contractors are increasingly important.

We are Client-focused , with an end game of the project planned and ready to execute.  We use formal security risk assessment tools to prevent risk.

We have tools that identify  threat management information. This way, our customers understand the need for security, and assessment. 

Our Staff is experienced and ready to meet the customer demands.

We typically use local in-country partners to provide additional value to our own corporate business approach and liability.

Argent’s  Subject Matter Experts (SME) in a vast variety of fields are ready for your every move.